Our Services_ 

* Background Investigations
* Security Consultation
* Child Recovery
* Civil Investigations
* Criminal Investigations
* Analyzing Crime Scenes  
* Expert Witness
* Fraud Investigations
* Insurance Investigations
* Cold Case Investigations
* Consultations 
* Matrimonial / Domestic Violence
* Missing Persons/Heirs  
* Expert in field of safety & security
* Photography & Video  
* Surveillance
* Trial Preparation
* White Collar Crimes
* Homicide Investigations
* Suicide Investigations
* Stolen/Missing Pet Investigations
* Speaker  

I know it gets expensive when you need to hire a private investigator to go out on the field to work on your cases. So I came out with a way to save you money and also get results.. Most of my consultations cases are solved on the phone without me going out in the field. Angel Investigations LLC will guide you step by step in handling your case. That's what detectives do. They get the knowledge and expertise from each other to solve cases. That is what Angel Investigations is offering to you.



1/2 hour consultation fee           $50


1 hour consultation fee              $80


4 hours minimum Investigation  $500