• Angel Nieves

Summer Time

Today is the first day of summer and it is gorgeous outside in my part of the woods. It is a time to be more outdoors with your family and pets. Which means more responsibility. When I say responsibility I mean keep an eye on your pets.


Keep pets in the yard unattended.

Inside vehicles for any amount of time alone.

Tied up on a pole while shopping or getting a scoop of ice cream.

Walking your pet around without a leash anywhere.

Did you know the most smartest dogs has a mind of a 3 year old. Would you leave your 3 year old child unattended?

Also keep your pets cool and hydrated. A bowl of ice is good. Make sure the bowl is plastic and not metal.

Follow these simple steps in protecting your pets. Keep plenty of water and rest under the shade for you and your pet. Have a safe and wonderful summer.

- Angel Nieves

Your Pet Detective


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